Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN) is a global leader in providing sustainable solutions to the world’s environmental challenges for agriculture, horticulture, turf & ornamentals, water & wastewater, and associated engineered technologies through its constantly improving Micro Carbon Technology®. It is a fantastic company with great benefits, a convenient location, and the best company culture you will find anywhere! Please visit our website (www.bhn.us) to learn more about the company.

We are seeking a Vice President of Research & Development! Below is a description of the position, the responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits.

Overall Responsibility

Reports to President/CEO.

The VP is the Chief Agronomist for the Company. The VP is responsible for implementing and supervising high quality field testing through a network of contract research organizations. This includes the identification of operators, approval of field management protocols, and monitoring of operations and crop development throughout the growing season. Responsible for developing and providing agronomic and product education and training to the field sales force and supports the sales and service of the Company’s products. Works with outside experts to plan and conduct commercial agronomy field trials that improve the product management and/or product positioning of Company’s products; partnering with Sales Agronomists, Territory Managers, and Sales Reps to create and deliver product and research services information which improves the productivity and profitability of Company’s customers; and serve as primary agronomic resource to customers, agronomists, and researchers to resolve difficult customer concerns.

The VP is the Chief Science Officer of the Company and represents the Company to external research, academic, and governmental organizations. The VP works with other teams within the Company (sales, legal, marketing, production, etc.) to bring new products from the research and development side to market or implementation within the organization. The VP will internally oversee and supervise all product development and innovation efforts by the Company. Primary duties include supervising the product development team and direct R&D teams with budget approvals, scheduling, and deadline management. The VP helps create an environment that fosters innovation in developing new products, creating improvements on existing products or services, or even developing new processes and technologies or equipment for the organization to improve efficiency and efficacy.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Other duties may also be assigned)

  1. Work with members of the Executive Committee to achieve department and Company goals.
  2. Provide leadership and develop objectives for the R&D department.
  3. Work in a cross-functional team environment and oversee and mentor junior scientists.
  4. Communicate effectively with management, quality and regulatory professionals, and others regarding the status of all activities and align them to project deliverables.
  5. Inform management in a timely manner of any problems, which may result in a delay in research or development schedules; identify means to minimize impact to the research or development timeline and budget.
  6. Build and implement project planning, resource management, and integrated project reporting; able to hit milestones effectively.
  7. Develop and direct the design and creation of new products as well as the improvement to existing products.
  8. Provide field research and support for existing product; new products, and product improvement initiatives.
  9. Be responsible for the investigation of new processes and application of advanced formulation methodologies and equipment.
  10. Oversee the conducting of standard analytical analysis of humic materials, water, liquid & dry fertilizers, plant/soil materials, or any other products for nutrients, heavy metals, and other target ingredients using the laboratory equipment provided.
  11. Oversee efforts to obtain funding for existing and future R&D projects.
  12. Perform bioassays to evaluate the efficacy of all Company formulations.
  13. Supervise the analytical processes for testing Company products for quality and assurance.
  14. Develop technical data through oversight of bench and pilot scale studies that are then taken to field research for verification.
  15. Conduct literature reviews to develop case studies and/or technical papers/presentations for clients, professional organizations, and/or trade or professional organization conferences.
  16. Interpret, record observations, and maintain records of all measurements and data and prepare necessary reports and statistical analysis as requested.
  17. Work directly with USDA/EPA, be able to work easily with regulatory consultants and professionals, as well as be very familiar with quality procedures and compliance standards and applications.
  18. Present technical and educational presentations in front of large audiences of both academic professionals and potential clients.
  19. Provide product sales and technical literature review.
  20. Conduct in-house research and manage external scientific and field research to support all Company product claims.
  21. Study plants and soil in order to develop better planting, cultivation, and harvesting techniques, improve crop yield, and solve problems facing the agriculture and water quality industry.
  22. Hold field demonstrations and grower meetings to promote Company products to potential customers.
  23. Provide technical training for staff, sales team, outside professionals, and customers.
  24. Provide timely agronomic information and recommendations to the field sales team to support the sales effort.
  25. Assist sales and marketing teams to provide phone and in-field technical support for customers.
  26. Train others to properly conduct plant tissue and soil sampling.
  27. Provide technical analysis of wastewater treatment processes and identify the benefits of Company products to be used by municipal or industrial clients.
  28. Oversee the analysis on blind samples for proficiency programs, Magruder, and NAPT.

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Eliminate production complaints regarding new or improved products.
  2. Laboratory/analytical cost savings.
  3. Produce new products in a timely manner that meet sales and marketing needs and requirements.
  4. Publish research and field reports that support sales and marketing efforts.


  1. Ph.D. in Agronomy or Plant Physiology or related field.
  2. Experience and understanding of waste water treatment and soil bio-remediation processes and systems.
  3. Minimum ten (10) years of experience in laboratory and field research and development projects.
  4. Experience in soil humus, humic substances, or soil carbon extraction and characterization.
  5. Able to supervise the analysis of plant, soil, fertilizers, water, etc. using provided laboratory equipment.
  6. Excellent computer skills are a plus, especially with excel, databases, word processing, mapping programs, statistics, internet, and email.
  7. Be familiar with and adhere to environmental health and safety compliance and Quality Management System.
  8. Ability to travel, including overseas, up to 40% of time as necessary.

Benefits After Completing Eligibility Period:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance (100% Premium Coverage for the Employee and his or her dependents)
  • Paid Vacation Time
  • Paid Sick Time
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Simple IRA Company Matching

To apply, please submit your résumé and cover letter to Hiring@BHN.US

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