Wastewater Solutions

PROBIOTIC SOLUTIONS® is Bio Huma Netics’ line of biostimulants that are used to reduce sludge, cut down on odor, break down FOG’s, and control BOD and COD levels naturally without introducing harsh chemicals into the environment.

Wastewater, in its untreated form, usually does not meet all of the conditions for optimal microbial activity that leads to breakdown of waste solids. When microbial activity is not optimized, sludge accumulates, odor gets out of control and COD/BOD/FOG’s levels fall out of compliance with government regulations.

PROBIOTIC SOLUTIONS® products increase the production efficiency of treatment plants by reducing biosolids more quickly, improving settleability and raising dissolved oxygen levels. That all translates to significant cost-savings in a number of operational areas, such as dredging, aeration, sludge hauling and more. Other benefits include less odor, reduced foaming and maximized usability of lagoons, due to less downtime and greater capacity.

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