Agricultural Solutions

HUMA GRO® is our line of agricultural liquid fertilizers and specialty products with our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology®. Whatever you grow—and want to grow more of—there’s an effective HUMA GRO® solution to help. Progressive growers around the world rely on HUMA GRO® ultra-efficient nutrients, sustainable soil fertility, zero-residue crop protection, optimal growth managers and carbon-rich organic acids to raise crops more efficiently and profitably. Please visit for more information.

Fertilgold® Organics products meet OMRI criteria for organic use. They are subject to strict quality-control production processes to ensure that our customers receive a consistent, effective product that they can count on to provide a premium organic crop. Our liquid products are powered by Micro Carbon Technology®, a unique carbon-based nutrient carrier that improves nutrient uptake effectiveness—getting more nutrients into the plant, faster, than other fertilizers. Our scientifically derived products work through plants’ own natural systems and soil requirements to help them achieve their maximum genetic potential by providing organic nutrients that can be absorbed faster and more effectively than conventional organic products.

We enable growers to provide their organic crops with balanced, consistent, precision organic nutrition at each stage of growth, so that crops do what growers want them to do when they want them to do it. Our natural approach to organic plant nutrition promotes soil biodiversity, vigorous plant growth and fruiting, and maximum quality and yields without putting harmful chemicals into the environment. Please visit for more information.

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