Communications and Content Marketing Specialist

Overall Responsibilities 

The primary responsibility of the person in this position is to develop and produce content that promotes the company’s products, services, knowledge, information, and brands. This person will work with other members of the Marketing Department, company staff, and distributors/customers to develop and produce content and materials for Website-based inbound marketing (including Web pages, blog posts, video scripts, infographics, white papers, etc.). This person will also develop content for promotions and advertisements, press releases, and informative and instructional material that will be published through internal channels, Web, social media, and the variety of media outlets utilized by the Marketing Department. The person will also assist the Communications Director in other duties, as assigned, including knowledge/information management, product document management, and coordinating translations. 

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities 

  1. Development and management of content for inbound marketing—including working with staff and customers to create videos, blogs, infographics, white papers, etc. that answer consumer questions regarding company products and services. 
  1. Assists in the writing and editing of professional articles for journals and trade publications; assists in developing and managing content for all company press releases, Websites, podcasts, and social media channels. 
  1. Assists in the development of internal staff education and training modules. 
  1. Manages the company’s multiple social-media channels for multiple brands and prepares social-media analytic reports. 
  1. Implements information management initiatives—including the development and administration of Microsoft SharePoint team sites, dashboards, libraries, and wikis. 
  1. Assists in document management—including the creation, publication, and archiving of all product documents, such as product technical bulletins, research reports, field demonstration reports, and testimonials. 
  1. Coordinates language translations for company publications and documents. 


  • A BA/BS in Communications, Journalism, or a related field—or applicable equivalent experience—is required. 
  • Excellent interviewing skills are required. 
  • Ability to write video scripts is required; experience in providing video narration is a plus. 
  • A thorough knowledge of and facility with English grammar and usage is required; 2+ years of experience in professional and technical writing is preferred. 
  • Experience with using social media for brand promotion and consumer education is required. 
  • Intermediate or higher skill level with Adobe Creative Suite, especially InDesign and Acrobat, is preferred. 
  • Intermediate or higher skill level with SharePoint, WordPress, and/or other web-based content management systems is preferred. 
  • Working knowledge of and proficiency with Web-based CRM and analytics (e.g., Salesforce, Ahrefs, Pardot) to help guide Web content creation is preferred. 
  • Foreign language skill and experience is desired, such as fluency in a language other than English or experience working with translators. 

To apply, please submit your résumé and cover letter to

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