Order Processing Email Explanation

Below is an outline of the procedural review steps that need to be accomplished before your order can be officially “Verified”:

  1. HAZMAT Calculations – The order must be separated and re-configured based on each of the products’ transportation HAZMAT compatibility issues.
  2. Quantities and Weight Limits – The order is then analyzed by our Production Team and Order Processing folks to verify weights for each container or truckload. Additional correspondence may be necessary if products need to be subtracted or added to meet truckload or container weights or quantities.
  3. Labels Review – If necessary, you will be asked by the Sales or Customer Service folks for approval of your current or modified labels and to ensure that product registrations are current for your order.
  4. Production Review – Our Production Team reviews the order for any potential challenges with their production schedule or back ordered raw materials and ingredients. If there is any anticipated delay, you will be notified.
  5. Credit Review – Our Finance Team reviews the order to see if there are any credit issues with your account. The order will be “Verified” so long as your account has available credit within the limits established by BHN, the bank, or the insurer and there are not any past due amounts. If any payment is needed or an action is necessary, you will be contacted.

When everything above looks good, your adjusted order will move forward for “Verified” status.

Note:  There are a few things that you as the customer can work on to speed up the above process and have your order “Verified” sooner.  They include the following suggestions:

  1. Make sure your order is in full pallet size quantities and will fill a container or truck.
  2. Strive to understand the HAZMAT transportation issues and then divide your order into separate full containers or truckloads based on the HAZMAT and weight limit configurations.
  3. Review the labels you’ve used in the past and send any changes that need to be made or entirely new labels as a response to the “Acknowledge” email.
  4. Work with your salesman on where you are at with your account, understanding your current credit limit and resolving any outstanding balances or over credit amounts that may need to be paid.
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