Sustainable Engineering

OPUS-PRIME is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in select engineering and premium business services, such as:

Agronomic Engineering

• Plant Nutrition and Soil Ecology Consulting
• Crop & Plant Protection from Pests and Diseases
• Post-Harvest Produce Consulting for Storage and Shipping
• Lab Developed Microorganisms for Healthy Soil & Crops
• Greenhouse Design and Management

Civil & Environmental Engineering

We offer a variety of civil and environmental engineering services. With our experienced engineers, we have the capabilities to take a project from design to completion, in a budget and time conscious manner.

• Bioremediation: Soil and Wastewater
• Facility Design: Water and Wastewater
• Storm Water Management and Systems Modeling
• Construction Management
• Air Quality Permits

Specialty Systems

Successful business leaders are choosing the professionals at OPUS-PRIME to Design, Plan, and Project Manage SMART SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS that reliably support their businesses, keep employees productive and customers satisfied.

OPUS-PRIME meets with and listens to your business and department leaders and documents your business objectives and operational requirements. We work collaboratively with your executive team to design an integrated system with just the right amount of technology that will add the functionality and user experience needed.

We help you obtain and evaluate competitive bids for the project and then provide professional project management services to ensure that each project is implemented as it was designed. We help you do all this within a budget that meets your requirements.

Our professionals have completed many projects including new schools, hotels and conference centers, credit unions, data centers, municipal government buildings and even multi-generational recreation centers.  Here are the services we offer:

• Strategic Planning
• Structured Cabling
• Data Networking
• Building Automation
• Unified Communications
• Audio/Visual Communications
• Physical Security
• Operations Assistance

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